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Cultural Variations in Psychopathology

From Research to Practice

Sven Barnow, Nazli Balkir

Improving mental health care through culturally sensitive research and practice.

Culturally sensitive practice is a vital component of effective mental health care in our increasingly diverse societies: Mental illnesses vary in prevalence between cultural and ethnic groups, as do the meanings attached to them and people's responses to them.

The important implications of this interplay between culture and psychopathology for diagnosis and treatment are scrutinized and elucidated in this comprehensive and well-organized book, which uniquely looks at a range of practical examples involving various ethnic minority populations in North America and Europe. Leading experts from around the world have integrated divergent topics into a systematic and clinically relevant volume.

Cultural Variations in Psychopathology: From Research to Practice is an important resource for researchers and in particular for any mental health professional who works with ethnically diverse communities.

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001-059 Cultural Variations in Psychopathology
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