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Trauma Practice

Tools for Stabilization and Recovery

Anna B Baranowski, J Eric Gentry, D Franklin Schultz

The essential toolkit for treating trauma victims – now even more comprehensive.

This highly regarded handbook is designed to help guide clinicians through the dense forest of trauma treatment. Now in its 2nd revised and substantially expanded edition, it is full of techniques and protocols to assist therapists in their challenging work with trauma survivors. With its emphasis upon cognitive behavioral interventions, this book is an up-to-date tool kit for any psychotherapist working with any client

The text is divided into three main sections corresponding to Herman’s (1992) Triphasic Model: Safety and Stabilization, Remembrance and Mourning, and Reconnection. The authors present, clearly and in detail, an array of techniques, protocols, and interventions in the four categories of cognitive, behavioral, bodyoriented, and emotional/relational to assist the clinician in navigating each of these three phases. A section on Integrative & Clinician Self-Care Models to help ensure the wellbeing of practitioners working with trauma patients is also included.

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001-063 Trauma Practice
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