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Not all adverse events are negative


As many people are discovering, living in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic involves some obvious hardships, but it is not all negative. Rather, many of us are also discovering that there are some surprising positive outcomes arising from the experience.

This article from the European Journal of Health Psychology systemically reviews the research on adversity and its potential for increasing resilience and thriving, and gives useful insights into the practical implications.

A Salutogenic Perspective on Adverse Experiences


The European Journal of Health Psychology was founded to provide a platform for the increasing amount of research in the field of health psychology and for its application in a wide range of contexts. Health psychology is a scientific discipline within psychology that aims to promote and preserve health, to prevent and treat diseases, to determine risk behavior, to diagnose and determine the causes of health disorders, and to improve health provision.

The European Journal of Health Psychology strives to promote theory and practice in the analysis of psychological approaches to health and disease. The aim is therefore to publish high quality empirical or experimental research as well as sound practice-oriented articles, current methodological developments, and comprehensive critical reviews of the scientific literature.


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